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In this game you simply have to get the ball to the  end.

The catch is that you don't control the ball.  The only way to interact with it is to destroy the environment around it, guiding it to its destination.

I was an environment artist and some time ago I decided to try and learn some code. This jam was a prefect opportunity to challenge myself to create something more complicated. Everything in my game, I have written and modeled from scratch and it was quite the learning experience.

A lot got left out due to time limitations as usual. This time, among other things, sound didn't make it in.

Why I think my game is nifty:

  1. I used a marching square algorithm to generate and modify the environment.
  2. I have a nice object pool for the visual effects so they don't slow down the game
  3. I spent a very large amount of time creating a level editor and I am pretty happy with it

Why I think it's not:

  1. The square march algorithm is not very optimized and it causes a little slow down
  2. Visuals are lacking
  3. Sound is missing
  4. Had no time to create more than one level

I have included the entire project. 

Install instructions

The usual:

  1. Donload "Ball_Buster_Tzani.7z"
  2. Open archive
  3. Run "Ball Buster.exe"


Ball_Buster_Tzani.7z 29 MB
Ball_Buster_ProjectFiles.7z 224 MB

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